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ANNKE was established in 2014 and has been a global leader in the home & business security solution industry. Our mission is to deliver the best security solutions to help customers to secure their homes/businesses, and stay connected with their beloved ones wherever & whenever. Through our team’s joint endeavor over the past several years, we have created and developed full ranges of security solutions for customers, including IP security cameras, all-in-one WiFi/PoE security camera systems & versatile DVR surveillance camera systems.

We have helped over 5 million customers worldwide to keep their properties safe and secure, and have received over 30,000 positive feedback from our consumers. We will keep innovating and will develop more advanced smart security solutions for customers globally.

How We Started

ANNKE was born out of the idea from our CEO, Jet Li, who once worked on providing security products for top security companies. After over 10 years’ rich experiences in the security field, Jet decided to provide security cameras & systems to customers directly so that customers can get the best security solutions with the most affordable prices. We believe customers deserve both high-quality & cost-effective security cameras to secure their properties and have peace of mind.
Objects protected
Years of experience
Cameras Installed

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