At the most basic level, budget options give you a smaller cutting area and a simple battery to keep recharged between trimmings. The shaft style goes a long way in dictating the over-all ease of use of any weed eater. Straight shafts for example are great for taller, stronger, folks, while curved shaft weed eaters are typically better suited for people with smaller frames and senior citizens as well.

Lastly, this weed eater has a quick release split shaft also allows for easy storage or transportation. Lastly, weighing just 10.8 lbs., this weed eater is incredibly easy to store and transport thanks to a detachable head feature. Remove unwanted air from the carburetor and fuel system using the incredibly useful air purge primer bulb.

Gas Weed Eaters

It clocks in a little over 18 lbs, which is undoubtedly quite bulky for some users. Therefore, it’s not meant for extended use since you’re most likely to develop muscle fatigue early on. It also features a single-level height adjustment mechanism that lets you choose between three positions. Long story short, it enables users to work at a comfortable height, which reduces physical strain and provides more control. First things first, this high-performance outdoor machine can deliver 22” wide cuts in a single pass. Therefore, if you want to wrap up your lawn care sessions faster, this walk-behind unit will surely deliver.

An electric string trimmer can carry consistent amounts of power through an electrical outlet with a cord, this is unlike a battery-powered string trimmer, which is cordless. Run time is a bit easier to measure because manufacturers typically provide the fuel tank size and the maximum run time on a single tank of fuel. These situations decrease the fuel efficiency of the trimmer, causing it to use more fuel in a shorter period of time. Lastly, with a cutting swath of 17.7”, you can cut through dense material quickly and easily.

Stroke Or 4

Some are 4-cycle and some 2-cycle, but they’re all gas powered. Get the benefits of Black+Decker’s expertise at a budget price point. Husqvarna has a long-standing reputation in the industry that it upholds with this gas-powered weed whacker.

  • If you need a very lightweight product, consider a battery-powered or electric product.
  • A string trimmer gets into places that a lawn mower can’t and can also tackle tall weeds or grass that might choke a mower.
  • And it has some ergonomic adjustments not found on competing models that make it comfortable for people with various body types.
  • MTD’s diverse line of string trimmers includes corded- and cordless-electric types, models with two- and four-stroke engines, and split-shaft designs for attachments.
  • A lot of gas engines come with anti-vibration technology for when you aren’t using your tool, but the power is still on.
  • A special feature of this weed eaters is that it is equipped with Star Protection which is controlled by a computer.
  • Worx does have a selection of 20-volt saws, lights, and drills, among other tools, but we don’t have enough experience with them to pass judgement on them as a full system.

Spring-assisted starting makes pulling the starter cord of a gas-powered trimmer easier. And a relatively foolproof sequence of pushing the fuel-primer bulb and engaging the choke delivers the proper fuel mixture to a cold engine for faster starts. Trimmers that have the stop switch within easy reach let you quickly stop the engine or motor if you need to. They’re loud, so you’ll need hearing protection, but they can go anywhere and run indefinitely, provided you keep adding fuel. The shaft is another important thing to consider when choosing a gas-powered weed eater. It needs to be of sufficient length, or it won’t reach the ground while you’re using it, which can lead to backache if you use it for an extended period.

Unlike traditional trimmers that take time to start, with this one, you are guaranteed to save your time. There are several reasons to have a gas string trimmer in your household. First, this equipment requires little capital investment compared to a mower.

If you keep it in the closed position, your weed whacker will consume too much petrol. Press the purge valve 5-6 times – similarly to the previous step, and this action is needed when the engine is cold. The purge lets you pour some fresh fuel into the carburetor.

They have undoubtedly improved, but many are still not CARB compliant. Two-cycle engines also require a careful mix of oil and gas. Weed whackers are designed to be used below waist level, and trying to use one as a gas or electric hedge trimmer will render its safety features ineffective. A string trimmer cuts whatever crosses its path with a fast-moving plastic string that rotates along the tip; hence the name “string” trimmer. This design tends to eat string faster but is more convenient, because the trimmer is always ready for action and doesn’t have to stop for reloading.

Gas powered weed wackers are known for their power, and ability to cut through thicker weeds and growth. In addition, the lack of cords or limited battery power mean you can cover a larger area more efficiently with a gas-powered model. You generally won’t have to stop as often to refuel with a gas powered weed eater when compared to changing batteries with a battery-powered weed whacker.

Two-cycle engines use a fuel and oil blend, which reduces average maintenance to changing the weed eater string and emptying the fuel tank before storing the trimmer for the off-season. Though lower maintenance, these trimmers have less power output than those with a four-cycle engine. The shaft transfers power from the engine or motor to the lines that do the cutting. Models with a straight shaft offer a longer reach, and they tend to be better for tall users and for reaching beneath bushes and other shrubs. Models with a curved shaft tend to be lighter and easier to handle.

Removing debris after each use is the simplest way to do this but you can give the tool a deep clean at the end of every season. Typically, a gas weed trimmer will use a string line that quickly rotates, allowing it to chop through weeds and grass. However, you’ll find that a lot of these tools have the capacity to take attachments which makes them much more versatile.

In general, we were impressed with how all of the attachments performed when attached to the cordless tool. The Ryobi string trimmer head and a few of the other available attachments . Overall, the Ryobi’s performance on a full charge was in the middle of the pack—just over half of what the Egos accomplished on a full charge. And in patches of really thick, tall grass, the Ryobi trimmer head occasionally got wound up in the grass or just pushed it over instead of cutting it. And the Ryobi couldn’t sever the Japanese knotweed stalks as efficiently as the Egos.

In the case of string trimmers, in almost 100% of cases, gasoline weed eaters are by far the better option. You can’t just put it on a shelf, for a long period of time as the fuel might go outside. Also, you need to choose a place that can’t be reached by children in order to prevent them from danger. Dual-line models get the job done faster and put less wear on the string.

Without a curve, the shaft is naturally longer and these types of trimmers offer better balance when you handle them. The slight length increase also allows you to reach under objects easier and they usually have more attachments available. Another advantage of the straight shaft is you can often buy different attachments for the shaft, which makes the product more versatile.

Which weed eater should I get? – Chicago Tribune

Which weed eater should I get?.

Posted: Sat, 03 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And whether your choice of a gas-powered weed eater is actually the right choice? You can choose to start the engine with an electric starter. All you’ll need is to buy Troy-Bilt’s JumpStart system and you’re good to go.

Best Corded Weed Whacker

Even with a guard, some flying grass can escape, which is why users need to wear safety glasses, long pants, and closed-toe shoes while working. With a straight shaft design, you’ll be able to reach and cut underneath bushes and hard to reach spots with incredible ease and confidence. A straight shaft design makes trimming around shrubs and bushes much easier, especially hard-to-reach places. A large, multi-position, the adjustable handle provides added control and easy right- or left-handed use.

That said, these models are typically a little harder to work with so you will need to have an adequate amount of strength. If it’s power you are after then there is nothing quite as adept as a gas weed eater. While electric and manual tools offer convenience and ease of use, a gas trimmer cannot be beaten when it comes to power and performance. These highly efficient and robust pieces of equipment are a must for demanding garden tasks but you should always be sure to look carefully at the features before making a purchase.

If you like to keep the lawn or garden a certain way, it’s important to get the right tools for the job. But then again, you don’t want to spend hours cutting grass, and hence we recommend buying this one. As such, it’s powerful enough to tackle tall grass, weed, and other dense overgrowths that have taken over your green space.

Top 5 Best Gas String Trimmer Compared And Reviewed

MTD markets electric and gas string trimmers under the Bolens, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines, and Yard-Man brand names. MTD’s diverse line of string trimmers includes corded- and cordless-electric types, models with two- and four-stroke engines, and split-shaft designs best rated gas weed eater for attachments. MTD products are sold at a broad array of retailers, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, Tractor Supply, and Walmart. While corded yard tools may seem outdated, a corded string trimmer can perform really well for a certain subset of homeowners.

While its operation, you won’t feel any noise or disturbance. This is because of the presence of the anti-vibration effect inbuilt in the system. Protective shields are included for the fuel tank for keeping it safe from external damage. The driveshaft is sturdy and can be moved around effortlessly.

Its telescoping shaft and handle are easy to adjust and make the tool very comfortable to use, even for extended trimming sessions. Speaking of the attachments, this trimmer comes with two types of cutting head, one for weeds and grass and the other for tougher jobs. This gives it an extra level of versatility – and you don’t even need to buy the attachments separately.

As we said before, you need to look at your individual yard needs before you rush out and buy a weed trimmer. IT doesn’t have to be an hour-long process, but there are some decisions you need to make so you can be sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. Let’s go through the questions you need to ask yourself in order to pick out the right power tool for your situation. If you want to replace the trimmer head with a grass blade, this model is for you. The relative merits of 2 versus 4 cycle engines can be a bit of a religious debate.

This is something to be expected with any fixed line trimmer. Although “tap-and-go” heads may be a more convenient choice, they have their own disadvantages as well. String lines can be a pain to deal with no matter what type of head is in use. Starting up this trimmer is easy thanks to its 2 Start spring-assisted starter. The trimmer’s 15-inch cutting swath means that you can complete even large trimming jobs quickly and easily.

As a result, their shaft can be split easily and safely into two parts. These models are particularly valuable to homes and businesses without a lot of spare storage space for this kind of outdoor maintenance tool. Usually, you’ll need to look to a model’s user reviews to understand how quickly that model uses its fuel in practice. As a word of warning, a less efficient gas weed eater will always cost you more in long-run, even if its up-front cost is rather small.

The home improvement store partnered with Kobalt to provide quality tools at a reasonable price, and the Kobalt brand often goes head-to-head with larger name-brand companies. They sell five different battery-powered string trimmers in Lowe’s stores across the country. This Japanese company, formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools, manufactures over 1000 different types of power tools. The company was founded in 1948 to manufacture coal mining machinery.


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